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PFDA Website Supplier Directory & Display Advertising

Promote your company on the PFDA website! Advertise your products and/or services within the Supplier Directory and increase your exposure among select advertisers that share prominent display ads on the PFDA website, which will provide a link to your company for PFDA members, consumers, and ALL visitors to our website!

Reach more than 1,100 PFDA members firms, representing over 2,800 active Pennsylvania licensed funeral directors who expect website information and advertising that target their interests and needs! Members use the website to keep abreast of industry news, learn best business practices, understand the latest consumer trends and find reliable suppliers. Visitor tracking consistently shows over 3,000 visits a month to

PFDA offers two options to reach website visitors:


PFDA provides three display ad placement options on several areas of the website including:

Left Sidebar Ad with a hyperlink – appears on designated pages and is located in the left hand column of the page, below the sub-navigation. The Left Sidebar static ad size
is 250 pixels wide x 175 pixels high. Home page of the site is not available.

Top Page Right Ad with a hyperlink – appears on designated pages and is located in
the top right portion of the web page. Top Page Right static ad size format is 250 pixels wide x 175 pixels high. Home page of the site is not available.

Center Page Bottom Banner with a hyperlink (available for graphic and text) – is the largest size static ad, which appears on designated pages, located in the Center Page Bottom of the webpage. The Center Page Bottom Banner ad size is 590 pixels wide x 150 pixels high. Home page of the site is not available.


  • Visitors to the PFDA website will be able to search and locate your supplier directory listing in two ways: either by business category or alphabetically.
  • A basic listing includes a company name, company logo, contact name, address, phone & fax numbers, hyperlinked E-mail and website addresses and an 80 word description of your company under one category.
  • Listings under more categories are available for an additional cost.
  • Maximum size for company logo is 88 pixels wide x 31 pixels high.
  • Please note: company descriptions are subject to editorial review for length and style.


Restrictions on Website Advertising: The PFDA reserves the right to approve applications for website advertising from a company and/or organization. No company and/or organization is permitted to advertise on the PFDA website, if found guilty of fraudulent, criminal or illegal activity. All online advertising material and supplier listings are subject to PFDA approval. PFDA reserves the right to determine the suitability of all materials submitted and to reject any that do not meet its editorial or production criteria.

Warranties or Guarantees: Material reprinted on the PFDA business supplier directory and/or banner display ads reflects the views of the authors only and does not necessarily reflect the views of PFDA. The appearance, reference and advertisement of any product or service shall
not be deemed an endorsement of such products or services by PFDA.

Supplier Directory Listings and Display Ad rates are net: Supplier Directory listings are contracted on an annual basis. Online display ads are contracted on a three, six month or annual basis. Listings and ad displays will be terminated upon completion of contract term. Advertisers may change ad copy every 3 months. Ad space will be reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. Current advertisers will be given the first option to renew in the same location unless a waiting list exists for that space. When display ad locations are limited, placements will be made at the discretion of the PFDA.

Display Ad Expiration & Listing Renewal: Expired website display ads will automatically be disabled from display until the renewal contract and fees have been paid. Once the renewal fees have been received, the listing will be enabled again. The supplier directory listing information will remain in the database but will not appear online until receipt of the renewed online listing contract and fees have been paid.


Website Display Advertising:*  

Left Sidebar Ad     
3 months   
6 months 
12 months  
Top Page Right Ad                      
3 months 
6 months   
12 months
Center Page Bottom Banner Ad
3 months
6 months 
12 months 





* 2017 Convention & Expo Exhibitors receive a discount
on online display ads (excludes classifieds)

Supplier Directory Listings:  

Basic Listing – 1 year
Additional Listing – 1 year


$ 75.00 


Download, Print and Mail or Fax Advertising Form with Payment Information

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PFDA at (717) 545-7360
Attention: Donna Centofanti

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Attention: Donna Centofanti
7441 Allentown Boulevard
Harrisburg, PA 17112

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