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Funeral Directors Photo ID

Pennsylvania Department of Health

Division of Vital Records

Photo Identification
Funeral Directors
February 11, 2015

Effective Monday, March 2, 2015, the Division of Vital Records will copy and maintain all applicants', including funeral directors and their designees (runners), valid government-issued photo identification for security purposes for all requests for certified copies at public and local registrar offices. It will not be necessary for funeral directors to present their photo identification for each request. Upon the initial request, the public offices and local registrars will retain a copy of the funeral director's (designee's) photo identification in a secure file and notate it in their files. Therefore, for subsequent requests for certified copies, these offices will not request another copy of the photo identification but instead will notate "ID on file."

If you have any questions concerning this Important Notice, please follow up with Dianne Jenkins-Papa as listed below.

Dianne Jenkins-Papa
Supervisor, Registration and Death Services Unit

Debra M. Romberger
Director of Vital Records

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