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PFDA Family Service Evaluation Program

Funeral Service Survey

We're pleased to announce that PFDA has made extensive improvements to the Family Service Evaluation program. In making these enhancements we wanted to provide you with valuable feedback from the families that you serve and also give you insights into how your funeral home compares with other participating homes.

We've updated the service survey questions
to provide you with more comprehensive feedback. You can now send survey requests to PFDA via fax or online form. In addition, we are offering the ability to provide your funeral home with a monthly report that compiles the service survey results. Finally, families will now have the option of filling out a mailed survey or providing their responses via an online survey.

Click here to view a sample of the Family Service survey.

There is a fee of $2.50 per survey.

To get started with the new and improved service evaluation program, please
contact James Eirkson or call 800-692-6068.

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