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PAC Donation Information

If we don't stand up for our interests, who will?

Donate to PFDA PAC and protect your business.

In a perfect world, letters or phone calls from constituents would be enough to motivate legislators to consider enacting laws that benefit the people they represent. But that's not how the political world operates. It takes money, in the form of political donations, to influence the outcome of which laws get passed.

PFDA has been closely monitoring several bills and legislative changes that would have a direct impact on every funeral home in Pennsylvania. We face several critical issues in the coming year – and we need your financial support to ensure that your interests are protected.

Make a donation today!

In order to ensure a successful outcome on these issues, the PFDA Political Action Committee (PAC) needs to raise $60,000. Donations made to the PFDA PAC will be strategically invested in select members of the PA House and Senate who are best able to advocate for the issues we feel are important.

Your contribution of $250 or more will provide support that is critical to ensure favorable legislation is passed and unfavorable legislation is blocked. Your personal contribution will insure the help of legislators who support and understand funeral service issues.

PFDA'S Political Action Committee Fund Contribution

To make a contribution to the PFDA Political Action Committee (PAC) Fund, please fill out the form below. Once the form has been completed and submitted, you will then be able to pay online using a credit card. Thank you.

Please remember that by law, any PAC fund contributions must be from your
PERSONAL credit card account and cannot be associated with the Funeral Home.

Yes, I would like to contribute to the PAC Fund.

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Law Permits Payroll Deductions to Collect PAC Donations

New regulations that went into effect in August 2005 allow funeral home owners who are members of trade organizations to use payroll deductions for all employees who wish to contribute donations to their trade association's political advocacy efforts (PAC).

All funeral home employees can modestly contribute donations through regular payroll deductions over a long period of time. Somebody can give $2, $5, $10, etc. a pay period for 10 pay periods or for however long they want to do it. The new regulation promotes fairness. It gives businesses the same option of labor unions in collecting voluntary contributions for a trade association's PAC.

Labor unions and companies with their own PACs have always been permitted to use payroll deductions; associations - particularly smaller organizations, were at a disadvantage in raising funds. Trade associations form PACs in order to lobby for legislation and contribute to political candidates who support the goals of the death care industry.

We encourage you to use payroll deduction to collect voluntary employee contributions to the PFDA PAC fund.

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