Introducing PFDA’s On-Demand CE!

We are thrilled to announce that PFDA members now have access to on-demand continuing education through a new online platform via PFDA's website. Simply use your existing PFDA login information for convenient 24/7 access to on-demand continuing education. Currently, PFDA members have free access to our three most recent webinars, which equate to four continuing education credits. We encourage you to read through the FAQs below before accessing the courses. PFDA members can access the programs using your existing PFDA login information by clicking the link below. 

PFDA On-Demand CE Login

Frequently Asked Questions - (Please Read Before Accessing the On-Demand Programs)

1) How do PFDA Members access the on-demand CE?

     1) Login to PFDA’s On-Demand system using your existing username and password.
     2) Select one of the programs by clicking on it.
     3) Click “Take Program” to proceed to the course page – be sure to read the instructions.
     4) Click anywhere in the video box to start the program.
     5) After you view the entire video, click the “Next: Take Program Quiz” button on the right.
     6) Complete and submit your program quiz.
     7) Check your email for a partially completed CE form or download it directly from the system.

2) Does it matter which browser I use?

Please avoid using Internet Explorer - if using this browser you are not able to leave and rejoin the program where you left off. We recommend using Google Chrome, but you can also use Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

3) Why did I get a pop-up window when I logged in?

If the Funeral Director License Number field is empty in our database, you will be prompted to enter it when logging into the on-demand platform.

4) Can I pause or leave the program and return without having to start over?

Yes. You can pause the program by clicking in the video box. You can also leave the program and return and should be able to pick up where you left off. Please note that you must watch 100% of the video without skipping ahead. If you skip ahead, you will not be able to take the program quiz and obtain CE credit for the course. (If using Internet Explorer, please avoid leaving and reentering the program as you will lose your spot and have to start over. This is due to the Internet Explorer browser being outdated and being phased out by Microsoft.)

5) How do I get my CE form?

After you complete and pass the program quiz, the system will automatically generate and email you a partially completed CE form. Your CE form is also saved and accessible in the on-demand system when you are logged in to the on-demand CE area. To download it directly from the system: 1) Click “My Account” in the upper right, 2) Click “My Certificates” in the drop-down menu, and 3) Click “Download” to the right of the course title you completed.

6) What if something is incorrect on my CE form?

If there is an error on your CE form, please email it to James Eirkson ([email protected]) noting the error and how it should be corrected and we will correct your form as well as your information in our system to avoid it from happening again in the future.

7) What if I already took the course and received credit?

The State Board of Funeral Directors will not recognize additional credit for watching again. However, feel free to view the programs as many times as you'd like for educational purposes.

8) Will there be more programs available on-demand in the future?

 Yes. PFDA plans to make more on-demand programs available in the future.

9) Can I take the courses using a mobile phone or tablet?

Yes. The site is mobile and tablet friendly.

10) Can we have several people view the program at once?

CE credit will only be issued to the individual who is logged in and completed the course and course quiz. Group viewing can be done for educational purposes but CE cannot be issued to anyone beyond the user that is accessing the program.

11) Who can I contact at PFDA if I need support or have questions?

For support or questions about the on-demand platform, please email James Eirkson at: [email protected]