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2019 Insurance Classes


October 9th –

Ethics in the Workplace – 3 CEU's

Working in an environment with unethical employees can have negative consequences on organizational trust, teambuilding, communication and morale. In this course you will learn how to pinpoint unethical behavior, create a plan for an effective ethics program, and deal with unethical co-workers. As a result, you will be able to build organizational trust, have greater integrity when approaching problems, have increased respect among workers, and establish clear standards of ethical behavior.

Meeting the Needs of the Growing Senior Insurance Market – 3 CEU's

This course focuses on the unique insurance needs of the senior market and provides an overview of these products and they market they serve. We will examine the current financial state of boomer market and the impact of today's social landscape on their lives, discuss the various financial planning options available for boomers and the types of insurance that could be used, and explore and increase our understanding the decision-making process (financial, social, etc.)

October 10th

Consumer Protection Law – 3 CEU's

This course focuses on understanding Consumer Protection Law, the role of the FTC and functional areas within the FTC. We will explore the history of consumer protection, the role of the FTC and its powers, discuss what constitutes unfair practices, and the following acts:

- Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud and Abuse Prevention Act (TCFRA)

- Funeral Rule and Cooling‐Off Period

- Magnuson‐Moss Warranty Act

- Truth-in-Lending Act

- Fair Credit Reporting Act

- Consumer Product Safety Act (and Consumer Product Safety Commission)

Generational Ethics – 3 CEU's

This course focuses on understanding how ethics and behaving with integrity varies throughout the generations in our workforce and the impact of such action on our profession in today's market.

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