PFDA Grievance Committee

A Resource for Consumers & Funeral Professionals

The Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association's Grievance Committee was established to address complaints of the general public against funeral directors or funeral homes as well as those from funeral professionals regarding any funeral director and/or funeral home in the Pennsylvania.

The Grievance Committee, which is composed of three Pennsylvania licensed funeral directors, will act with the advice of PFDA's legal counsel to help resolve complaints. If the Committee is unable to resolve the complaint, they will assist with filing a complaint with the appropriate agency.

Anyone wishing assistance should contact the Grievance Committee:

By mail:  Grievance Committee c/o PFDA, 7441 Allentown Boulevard, Harrisburg, PA, 17112.
By phone:  Kathleen Ryan, Executive Director, at 800-692-6068
By email:  Please submit your the form below.

Grievance Committee Contact Form