Member Obituaries

Name Date of Death Funeral Home
Linda K. Lynch Eley May 5, 2020 Eley-McCrory Funeral Home
Mona K. McCauley May 5, 2020 The C. Richard McCauley Funeral Home Inc.
Clarke Piatt April 14, 2020 Clark Piatt Funeral Home, Inc.
Barbara S. Rowland  April 11, 2020 Helweg & Rowland Funeral Home
Lois F. McIlvaine March 24, 2020 McIlvaine-Speakman Funeral Home Ltd.
John M. Sunday March 11, 2020 Ludwick Funeral Homes, Inc.
John D. Reed, Sr. February 20, 2020 Dodd & Reed Funeral Home
Charles J. Lucas III January 2, 2020 C. J. Lucas Funeral Home, Inc. 
George Molden, Jr. January 2, 2020 Molden Funeral Chapel
William F. Rupp, Jr. December 26, 2019 Melanie B. Scheid Funeral Dir. & Crem. Services
Anthony L. Mastrofrancesco December 14, 2019 Anthony L. Mastrofrancesco Funeral Home
 Richard J. Fluehr December 13, 2019 Fluehr Funeral Home
John J. Konieczny, Jr. December 11, 2019 Thomas-Little Funeral Service
Thomas Tomi October 16, 2019 John Slater Funeral Home
Kenneth L. Vangorder October 15, 2019 Joseph A. Tomon, Jr. Funeral Home
Adam Nevedale September 26, 2019 Craft Funeral Home
Michelle Hoffman Young September 24, 2019 Hoffman Funeral Home
Tricia Fae O'Toole Egnitz September 17, 2019 Savolskis-Wasik-Glenn Funeral Home
Beverly M. Ludwick September 7, 2019 Ludwick Funeral Home
William C. Glenn August 30, 2019 Savolskis-Wasik-Glenn Funeral Home
John V. Morris, Jr. August 28, 2019 John V. Morris Family Funeral Home
William C. McConaghy August 26, 2019 McConaghy Funeral Home
James E. Humphrey August 16, 2019 James E. Humphrey Funeral Home
Richard J. Fluehr, Jr. August 16, 2019 Fluehr Funeral Home
Alex Karl Scheid August 11, 2019 Andrew T. Scheid Funeral Home
Donald J. Murphy July 23, 2019 Malpezzi Funeral Home
Ralph Buckles, Sr.  July 14, 2019 Lochstampfor Funeral Home
Timothy S. Filburn June 4, 2019 Nickel-Lochstampfor Family Funeral Home
Paul H. Scheid, Jr. June 3, 2019 Andrew T. Scheid Funeral Home
Joseph A. Galante May 25, 2019 Galante Funeral Home
James W. Goldsboro May 1, 2019 Goldsboro-Fabry Funeral Home, Inc.
Sarah Elizabeth Kaufman April 19, 2019 Kaufman Funeral Home
Andrew "Andy" Mamary April 15, 2019 Mamary-Durkin Funeral Home
Eugene J. Harrison March 22, 2019 Harrison Funeral Home
Bennett Goldstein March 12, 2019 Goldsteins' Rosenberg's Raphael-Sacks
Henry O. Ziegler March 9, 2019 A. Carl Kinsey-Ronald N. Volz Funeral Home
Dr. George J. Dusckas M. D. March 8, 2019 Dusckas-Martin Funeral Home & Crematory
Emory B. Fenstermacher Febraury 24, 2019 Ludwick Funeral Homes, Inc.
James P. Murtha Sr. February 21, 2019 Donald R. Crawford Funeral Home
Stanley W. Sawinski Jr. February 21, 2019 Mason-Gelder Funeral Home
Tanya Marie LaValley February 20, 2019 Szpindor-Meyers Funeral Home
Mary Margaret Kukuchka February 20, 2019 Sheldon-Kukuchka Funeral Home
Ruth F. Cooney January 26, 2019 Lynch-Green Funeral Home
Samuel Brodsky January 25, 2019 Joseph Levine and Sons Memorial Chapel
Lynn Rich January 24, 2019 Beatty-Rich Funeral Home Inc.
Bernard P. Snyder January 11, 2019 Snyder-d'Argy Funeral Home